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B2B Agri-Platform


We employ real-time data analytics on data-streams coming from multiple sources across the country aided with AI-optimized automated pipelines to dramatically increase the efficiency of the current agri supply-chain. Our data-driven online agri-marketplace affords the best prices for both the producers and buyers at their fingertips.
Through our carefully engineered tech-driven pipeline, designed for the Indian agri supply-chain, we operate at a higher profit margin than the traditional companies

To develop the world's most optimised supply chain, we needed to be different.. and we can proudly say that indeed we are very different from the rest.

The Gobasco Team

Technology showcase

Transaction Discovery

Real-time data analysis on mulitple data-streams coupled with crowd-sourced data from producer/buyer marketplaces and transporters feeds our automatic transaction discovery algorithm to obtain high-margin transactions

Procurement Optimization

Carefully tuned procurement pipeline with various patentable innovations brings efficiency and standardization to the current procurement process from cold-storages, warehouses and farmland

Transportation Optimization

Real-time data with a large network of producer and buyers optimizes the transportation cost by more than 30% leading to huge profit margins and reduced pollution

GoBasco Standard

Computer vision and AI based automatic grading and sorting for vegetables and fruits aims at creating an international agri-commodity standard for reliable trading across country boundaries

Credit Risk Mgmt

Crowd-sourced data, algorithms and analytics overcome the credit default problem, the most challenging problem of current supply-chain, to ensure a very low risk operation


Deep-learing based satellite image analysis and crowd-source information fusion obtains a real-time agrimap of commodities at a resolution of 1 sq-km

Yield Prediction

Agrimap, weather forcasting, low-flying drones-captured data and statistical modeling give rise to an accurate crop yield prediction system


Agrimap, weather forecasting and farmer's network conveys crop-health and forecasting to the individual farmers. Crowd-sourced soil-testing obtians the soil-quality metadata for the agrimap of India



Our model enables us to earn sustainable profits from Day 1

High Growth

Zero Customer acquisition cost enables us to grow very fast

Highly Scalable

Our processes are applicable across commodities and geographies

Multiple Rev. Streams

Our model opens up multiple revenue streams for the future

Suppliers/Buyers Connected
Transactions with Farmers
Tons of Commodities Procured
Team Strength

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